Cataraft with raft seat TourCat 4 (+2)

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Kod produktu: TourCat 4 (+2)

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Kod produktu: TourCat 4 (+2)
New models of kayaks and catamarans have been designed taking into account modern users’ requirements for products, mainly on the basis of the concept of “simplify and then add lightness”. We tried to make our water crafts comfortable, stylish and safe.
All models have passed a test drive on the rivers of 3-4 category of difficulty and have received excellent reviews after evaluation by experts (raft instructors)!

Catamarans with inflatable frame have several advantages over standard catamarans with iron frame, and also have good floatable characteristics.

Four inflatable beams in Krepysh-4 catamaran create an additional compartment for cargo.


• Foot holders that are welded to deck
• Knee support on one leg is provided
• External wrapping of catamaran
• Multiple handles (on frame, on inner and outer sides of cylinders)
• Ergonomic raft fit
• Seating place is taped with special slipproof material
• pockets on inflatable frame for wide-rope sling or life grab
• perforated frame
• High flotation. Due to voluminous cylinders, catamaran easily passes rapids of 3-4 category of difficulty. Passing of rapids of higher category of difficulty depends on rowers’ professionalism and good team coordination
• An additional volume of inflatable frame allows to pass even large foam holes
• Inflatable frame can also serve as an excellent position for daredevil photographer


• Assembly time for 1 catamaran is 15-20 minutes.
• Absence of frame and integrity of design. To start assemblage, one only needs to take cataraft out of the package, unroll it and inflate.
• Weight of TourCat-4 (+2) in set is 35 kg
• Can be packed in a single backpack

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