Cataraft with raft seat TourCat-2

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Kod produktu: TourCat-2

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Kod produktu: TourCat-2

 with inflatable frame the structure is stiff enough;

• According to experts, catamarans of this type of are 100% suitable for passage of rapids of 4th category of difficulty. Passage of rapids of higher category of difficulty strongly depends on the understanding and skills of rowers;

• catamarans are very well operated, and an inflatable frame does not allow to fall into powerful foam holes;

• raft fit of catamaran TourCat-2 is very comfortable and reliable. The knee strap lets you perform all the elements of strokes not worse than knee fit;

• on a catamaran with raft fit center of rowers’ gravity is lower and closer to the center of catamaran than on catamaran with knee fit, which gives it greater stability and better manoeuvrability;

• of course, simplicity and speed of assembly. One catamaran requires 15min of time of one person. Pumped up, configure, and went;

• there are no problems with catamarans delivery to the place of run. Dimensions and weight now allow us to fly on airplanes)) No lengthy pipes. Just a single bag … Every transportation now is very easy!

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