Tandem inflatable kayak - how to choose?

One of the most popular types of outdoor activities is kayaking. And if for hunting or fishing people often choose a solo kayak, then for tourism or beach paddling the most popular position is a double kayak.

It is a great number of types of tandem kayaks. Among ZELGEAR kayaks there are at least 6 models of inflatable kayaks to your choice. Al those types of kayaks are universal, with of fittings on the side tubes for changing seats and preserving the proper balance. So what is the best choice for you?

For short or not very long distances the choice will be the standart kayak with the length of 450 cm with two full- size seats. For example, Alpha-Z 450 or Spark 450 models.

Two inflatable seats and two knew supports ( set) are installed in inflatable kayak. In such way the paddle efforts are better transmitted and it will be easier for you to travel for longer distances.

One seat can be installed in the center. In solo variant the kayak is easily operated. If necessary that three persons are going to travel, then the seats can be installed in model 450 cm lenght, but without luggage. In the stern there is a small space for one drybag near 50 liters volume. So it is an excellent various for three persons' trip to a picnic!

So what is to be chosen?!

Both models have inflatable frame, they are very stable and are easily paddled. It's a real pleasure to paddle on such kayaks! They are speedy and comfortable. And also exceptionally durable.

Spark kayaks are more often chosen for sea trips and for long distance travellings. High side tubes make better protection against waves and big water reservoirs. There is more space on this model due to narrowed side tubes.

Alpha-Z kayaks are perfectly suitable for flat water, especially for travelling with children, gigs and for fishing.

So the main constructed difference between Alpha Z and Spark kayaks is the shape of side tubes. There are round balloons in Alpha Z model and profiled balloons in Spark model.

Lets compare both models and pay attention to their technical peculiarities:

Alpha-Z 450Spark 450
Side tubes
87 cm83 cm
Load capacity
260 kg260 kg
18 kg21 kg
Weight in set
21 kg23 kg
Dimensions when packed90 х 55 х 30 cm
100 х 55 х 30 cm
Average comfortable speed6 - 6,5 km / hour6,5 - 7  km / hour

So if only two persons are going to make a one-day trip ( in case of one person - there is a space for equipment) then the model 370 cm long will suit you the best. The load capacity of Alpha- Z and Spark kayaks is 200 kg.

ModelAlpha-Z 370Spark 370
Side tubesroundprofiled
Width85 cm83 cm
Load capacity200 kg200 kg
Weight14 kg17 kg
Weight in set16 kg19 kg
Dimensions when packed
80 х 50 х 25 cm
100 х 55 х 25 cm
Average comfortable speed
6 - 6,5 km/ hour6,5 - 7 km/ hour

Alpha-Z 520 and Spark 520 kayaks also can be used for two paddlers, if you plan long-term expeditions or to take a big luggage with you.

It is comfortable to paddle for two persons as well!

ModelAlpha-Z 520Spark 520
Side tubesroundprofiled
Width93 cm85 cm
Load capacity300 kg300 kg
Weight21 kg26 kg
Weight in set24 kg28 kg
Dimensions when packed100 х 55 х 30 cm
100 х 55 х 35 cm
Average comfortable speed6 - 6,5 km/ hour

6,5 - 7 km/ hour

Travel and explore this wonderful world, friends!

  • Tandem inflatable kayak - how to choose?