Inflatable kayak Igla-3 (trio)

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Igla kayaks are high-speed and elegant. Due to rather narrow sides, a distinguished nose and a length, this boat has most advantages of the frame kayaks.


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Inflatable kayak with the elements of frame «Igla-3» is designed for camping trips and trips in the daytime on the rivers, lakes, reservoirs, coastal part of seas and oceans.
Kayak «Igla» (Needle) is quick-running, narrower compared with other inflatable kayaks and elegant. You will spend a minimum of efforts and time for its assembly/ disassembly. What you have to do is simply unroll the kayak, pump it and it is possible to hit the trail.
Each side consists of two separate longitudinal elements. This provides extra rigidity,better contours and greater internal volume of the kayak. Due to rather narrow sides, prominent bow and length, this kayak has high ride characteristics.

Excellent kayak for three persons for a family vacation or rental, the biggest and most capable boat from the serie.
This boat can be used as a double seater – leave out the middle seat to create extra storage space.
Quick assembly (blowing) + great driving performance: all for user’s convenience and comfort.

Additional information

Number of seats


The formation of kayak

Inflatable with elements of frame


570 cm


90 cm


25 kg

Weight in set

28 kg

The volume of the luggage compartment, l

260 l

Load capacity

300 kg

Pressure release valves

On every inflatable element

Aluminium skeg

In set




PVC 850 g/m2

Packaging dimensions

100 х 55 х 30 cm

Also in Set

instruction, knee supports (set) – 3, inflatable seats – 3 pcs, repair kit, backpack


3 years


Red&Gray, Blue&Gray


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