Inflatable catarafts made revolution among paddling boats, used for sport and tourism purposes. Combining such advantages as great propulsion, perfect course-keeping qualities, easy transportability, these Cats are maintenance-friendly, fail-safe and simply beautiful!

Since inflatable catarafts appeared, there has been observed a splitting decline in popularity of the traditional ones (with rigid frame) in all possible spheres of its use. In any of these cases – sport rafting, commercial paddling tours, water expeditions – inflatable catamaran is just perfect to be used! Well, each range of use requires its own specific construction. In view of this, we produce catarafts of different dimensions and load capacity.

ZelGear fully-inflatable frameless catarafts with kneeling seats are among the most popular models of sport boats. Due to hydrodynamical shape of main tubes and secure fixation of paddlers while roaring, it is easy to manoeuvre and clear the obstacles on water.

A leader at the Ukrainian market of inflatable sport and tourism equipment, ZelGear Company also offers raft fit catarafts (with non-kneeling seat). These are good at use for commercial outfitters, tourist clubs or white water rafters.

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